An apprenticeship is a great way to gain recognised qualifications whilst working in your chosen industry.

As an employee, you can earn as you learn and gain the fundamental knowledge and practical experience that employers are looking for.


Choose an Apprenticeship Course that's right for you...

PE & School Sport

Looking for a stepping stone into the world of coaching sport to young people?

Sports Development

Looking for a stepping stone into the world of Sports Development?

Customer Service

Looking for a stepping stone into the world of Customer Relations?


Working towards a qualification whilst on the job provides you with a unique set of experiences and challenges.



Apprenticeships are an excellent way to help upscale your existing workforce, and find new employees. We offer apprenticeships in a number of different subjects allowing you to select the relevant training to meet your business needs.

An apprenticeship is your chance to employ an individual committed to learning and developing their skills within your organisation. 

Typically, an apprentice will be expected to work full‐time and be given time out to study for a nationally recognised qualification. The best part is an apprentice is a contracted employee meaning you get a full resource whilst investing in your future workforce needs.

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School Apprenticeship Service

The school apprenticeship service is designed specifically for schools dedicated to community development.
It is a service committed to increasing employment opportunities for apprentices aged 16‐23.