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Apprenticeships are an excellent way to help upscale your existing workforce, and find new employees.

We offer apprenticeships in a number of different subjects allowing you to select the relevant training to meet your business needs.


An apprenticeship is your chance to employ an individual committed to learning and developing their skills within your company.

Apprentices’ are contracted employees
This means you have access to a full resource whilst investing in your future workforce.

Reduce your recruitment costs 
According to research, institutions that employ apprentices reduce their recruitment costs considerably because training employees is more cost effective than hiring skilled staff.

Hiring an apprentice puts you in control
Each apprentice works alongside your existing staff gaining explicit insight into how you operate your company. Before they receive their qualification they will be achieving your standards and surpassing your usual application requirements.

You could be eligible for funding
The apprenticeship grant for employers(AGE) is available for small-to-medium sized employers recruiting 16 to 23 year olds, and is granted to assist with the cost of apprentice’s wages. Grants are available to help businesses with less than 1,000 employees take on an apprentice.

Workplace Learning

Our unique approach to industry based learning allows an apprentice to study anywhere, anytime. This largely benefits you because it means you don’t have to release your apprentice from work for an extended period in the classroom.


VLUK’s exclusive online tool, The Sports Brain™ allows apprentices to access their studies online. All learners are able to access their grades, assignments and feedback from home. This provides the apprentice more time to focus on their apprenticeship, as they can fit their studies in and around your schedule as their employer.

Work Experience

Industry based learning is a highly commended attribute that VLUK offers and we take great pride in ensuring all of our students have high quality work experience to add to their CV.

Once you have committed to employing a student may it be on placement or as an apprentice, we encourage you to challenge our students and put them in situations they can expand their industry knowledge.

Our work experience programmes are designed to add value to your core business.

Gone are the days of work experience students just making you cups of tea all day. For both parties to benefit, it is vital that you employ our student to fulfill a specific job role.

Find an Apprentice

VLUK can provide you with as little or as much assistance in finding an apprentice as you wish. No matter how much assistance you require we will support you from start to finish.

Our team can help find the right candidate to fulfil the position within your company.  We can help you write job descriptions and filter applications to ensure you are left with a shortlist of the best candidates for you.

We can also help you advertise your vacancy both on the National Apprenticeship Service website and other job vacancy sites.

The National Apprenticeship Service is a government initiative with an online tool that allows prospective apprentices to search and apply for apprenticeship vacancies.

VLUK will also promote your vacancy on our website. All our methods of advertising and promotion keep the cost of recruiting down and aim to keep the process of employing an apprentice as smooth and straightforward as possible.


Our working relationship with VLUK over the last three years has been an enlightening experience. VLUK have enabled our sports programme to grow in many ways. We started with a level 3 programme with a cohort of 6 students and currently have 40 students including a level 2 cohort and various Apprentices.

This has enabled us to provide a pathway for our students and ultimately grow the FSE community. We are proud that we have achieved sustainable growth but not to the detriment of retention rates that are well above national benchmarks.

As part of the VLUK service, the guidance we have received has enabled us to develop programmes that enhance the learning experience for not only our students, but the staff that work closely in our partnership. VLUK are always willing to help and create new ways of improving what is on offer which contributes to enhance the education sector. The professional attitude of their work method is infectious and they are always willing to guide you in the right direction."

Richard Kear, Forest Sports Education.

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