Ex-student, Cameron achieving success at Kingstonian & East Grinstead

Cameron Reardon, who studied at Crystal Palace Foundation with VLUK, has now featured with semi pro clubs Kingstonian & East Grinstead this season after achieving a triple Distinction in his BTEC. 

Following completion of his BTEC, Cameron, went on to study a degree in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of East London. He is also hoping to complete a Masters in Sport Psychology in the future.

When talking about the BTEC programme at Crystal Palace Foundation Cameron said “I went through the programme in 2016/17 and I can do nothing but praise it! After GCSEs I wanted a more relaxed route instead of A-Levels. The programme was able to offer me that relaxed educational environment but also to develop my football. I saw the programme as a great way to bring my football forward as I was training 5 days a week, and also allowed to boost my educational options as well. In terms of education it was great! I got a Triple Distinction, but that was due to the relaxing environment in the classroom and a sense of independence, but still picking all the skills as you would in a secondary school or college”.

Cameron went on to praise the independent learning, time management, research  that he learnt from the programme and these skills have gone on to support him in his current university work.

As well as the education side of the BTEC delivered by VLUK, Cameron also benefited from the practical side of the qualification. He stressed that the coaches were fantastic with games every week against top standard teams along with great facilities provided by Crystal Palace Foundation. He also stated “In my years there were many semi pro players already in that year so training with them was great for everyone! Resulting in some of us getting trials here and there for professional clubs. The training allows you to improve all aspects of your game and I really believe it’s the reason I’m doing well in football”.

Cameron’s final statement was “The programme allowed me as an individual in football and education to get further than I probably would have believed. It also helped me develop the skill to mix football and work! Understanding that they’re both as important but making it easier to focus on both without feeling that I have to give up one of them. Now I’m getting my degree in Sport and Exercise Science, thinking about doing a Masters in Sport Psychology and playing Semi-Professional football at the same time. I would recommend the programme to anyone that has goals in football and education in sport as well. It’s a great programme, you learn a lot and you meet good people a long the way!”