Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

6 – 10 March 2017

This week is National Apprenticeship Week. VLUK are proud to deliver a variety of apprenticeship programmes that let us to be a part of it.

Apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly successful way to keep young people in education, whilst giving them the opportunity to earn as they learn.

Did you know that between 2015 and 2016 the number of paid apprentices in England was at a record level of just under 900,000? That number is expected to increase further, as the government drive to get more people into apprenticeships continues.

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we would like to share a story of one of our apprentices with you who.


Hannah’s Story

16 year old Hannah Hester has always loved sport, especially football. When it came to choosing her career path, Hannah knew that it would have to involve doing what she loved. When Hannah found about the apprenticeship route into coaching, her mind was made up. The opportunity to earn, whilst gaining practical experience and a recognised qualification sounded like the perfect option for her.

Hannah is currently working at two different primary schools across Berkshire for a total of 30 hours per week, whilst studying for her NVQ LEVEL 3 in Multi Sports Coaching as part of the programme.


What made you decide to do an apprenticeship?

I have always loved sport, especially football and knew I wanted to do something with sport after I finished school. The apprenticeship in coaching programme allows me to do what I love every day, whilst working towards a qualification.


What is a typical day on your course like?

I generally wake up at 7am and study until 10.30am. I then go to my school and support with PE lessons. I normally finish at the school at around 4.30pm, depending on after school clubs. I then sometimes study in the evenings to keep up with my coursework.


What kind of things do you do to support the PE lessons?

It’s really varied and can involve things like setting up sports equipment; helping the children with sports, helping to run lunchtime and afterschool clubs and generally being a positive sporting role model for the children.


What’s the best thing about what you’re doing?

I love working with the children and teaching them sports, they’re so cute!


How do you find the study?

I find the studying quite straightforward, as long as I keep up with my coursework, it’s fine. There are a group of us, all on the apprenticeship programme, that meet up once a week with our tutor which helps keep on top of things.


What are your long term plans?

I’d like to spend some time in the US coaching soccer, after I’ve finished my apprenticeship. I currently play for QPR ladies football team, so I’d obviously love to continue playing football for as long as possible.


VLUK Apprenticeship Programme Options

VLUK are long established providers of online education offering a wide variety of vocational courses. Our apprenticeship programmes are offered at Level 2 or Level 3, with work placements available across a number of different sectors.

VLUK’s courses courses are fully accredited, nationally recognised qualifications with a 95%+ pass rate.

All our courses are studied using our bespoke online learning platform ‘The Sport Brain’ which is designed to help improve learner engagement and academic success, by making learning more accessible.


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