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We are always looking to work with new schools, clubs and businesses who are interested in delivering our education programmes. If you would like to find out more we would  be delighted to hear from you to discuss our exciting range of Post-16 courses in more detail.

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Richard Kear, Forest Sports Education

"Our working relationship with VLUK over the last three years has been an enlightening experience. VLUK have enabled our sports programme to grow in many ways. We started with a level 3 programme with a cohort of 6 students and currently have 40 students including a level 2 cohort and various Apprentices.

This has enabled us to provide a pathway for our students and ultimately grow the FSE community. We are proud that we have achieved sustainable growth but not to the detriment of retention rates that are well above national benchmarks.

As part of the VLUK service, the guidance we have received has enabled us to develop programmes that enhance the learning experience for not only our students, but the staff that work closely in our partnership. VLUK are always willing to help and create new ways of improving what is on offer which contributes to enhance the education sector. The professional attitude of their work method is infectious and they are always willing to guide you in the right direction."


Kelvin Thomas, Chairman of Northampton Town Football Club:

"Education is a very big part of what we do at Northampton Town FC and we have been working with VLUK for 6 years.  I honestly believe we couldn't find a better education partner. I am very proud to be associated with VLUK and appreciate everything they do to support both the students and our club."


Glenn Thomas, Vice Chairman of Bury Football Club

"Working with VLUK has proved to be a great experience. Not only do we engage positively with the local community via a quality educational provision, but we will be identifying potential future employees especially via the University Programme which has now been added to the established College programme.

There are also the added benefits in utilising our unique facilities to create revenue. I would highly recommend a partnership with VLUK."


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