Stagedoor Learning committing to students

VLUK education partner, Stagedoor Learning, commit their time and efforts to ensure their students are offered amazing opportunities. Having developed a close working relationship with the Everyman Theatre, Jenny Cameron (director and course leader) ensures her students are given various opportunities to work alongside some great professionals in the performing arts and not only in workshops but as a performer too.

Recently, four Stagedoor Learning students – second years Macie Timms, Saskia Clifton and Sean Kilty, and first year Becky Joint, worked alongside three professional actors in the Everyman Theatre’s production of On The Mend. On The Mend is written and directed by Bryn Holding, and the Musical Director is Tamsin Kennard, who are the creative team of Hammerpuzzle Theatre.  On The Mend is about Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) hospitals in Cheltenham during World War 1, and focuses on the real experiences of a large number of men and women in Cheltenham during the Great War.

It was really exciting for the Stagedoor students to work alongside professional performers as well as the hugely talented creative team. Tickets for all the shows during October were sold out – evidence of a great play and great performers.

Comments from Stagedoor students:
“The best thing about being involved in On The Mend was that I got to work in a professional environment for the first time with a set and paid actors, and it was great. I was able to see what it is like to work with professional actors and I learned a lot about what goes into directing a show It was cool to see how an actual show wasn’t really that different from what we were doing at college, which made me realise how well Stagedoor is preparing me for a career in the industry”.

“I enjoyed working on On the mend as I learnt a lot from working with the professional actors and putting on the show in a short space of time because it made me work harder. I also enjoyed watching the show come together from the first community rehearsal to the final show at the Parabola Arts Centre, and watching the audiences reactions”.