Schools Apprenticeship Service

The school apprenticeship service is designed specifically for schools dedicated to community development. It is a service committed to increasing employment opportunities for apprentices aged 16‐23.


An apprenticeship is your chance to employ an individual committed to learning and developing their skills within your school.

Apprentices’ are contracted employees, this means you have access to a full resource whilst investing in your future workforce.

According to research, institutions that employ apprentices reduce their recruitment costs considerably because training employees is more cost effective than hiring skilled staff.

Hiring an apprentice puts you in control. Each apprentice works alongside your existing staff, gaining explicit insight into how you operate your institution. Before they receive their qualification they will be achieving your standards and surpassing your usual application requirements.

'Amp the apps' before 2018

VLUK are setting a target to amplify the number of employment opportunities available to apprentices before 2018. We aim to encourage every school in the country to employ at least one apprentice so that we can actively revolutionise pathways applicable to school leavers.

Our ‘Amp the Apps’ campaign recognises the importance of ensuring high quality training is accessible to our country’s next generation of education providers. What better way to guarantee this than to have your school play a major role in pioneering this initiative?

Employing an apprentice is not only a cost effective recruitment method but it also improves support staff efficiency.

Pledge your commitment today and you’ll reap the benefits.

Our expert team will support you throughout the process; we offer assistance with vocational training, candidate suitability and applications for government funding. We also support each school with advertising apprenticeship vacancies and developing job descriptions. VLUK delivers nationally recognised qualifications that consequently enhance the skills and aptitude of school support staff.

Employer Funding

Apprenticeships (subject to funding advice and guidance) are fully funded by the Skills Funding Agencey for those 16-18 and for those of 19+years partially funded.  The main costs are the wages of the apprentices.

Many participating schools are eligible for government funding. The apprenticeship grant for employers (AGE) is available for small-to-medium sized employers recruiting 16 to 23 year olds, and is granted to assist with the cost of apprentice’s wages.

The £1,500 grant is available to help businesses with less than 1,000 employees take on an apprentice.

To find out more about AGE visit or speak to VLUK today.


VLUK are one of the country's largest training providers in the sport and leisure sector, with an outstanding performance track record. VLUK are accredited by many awarding bodies with direct-claim status including:

  • Excel / Pearson
  • Cache
  • 1st for sport
  • Matrix Accredited
  • VLUK is registered with the DfES / SFA to deliver vocational qualifications
  • Completion rate (pass rate) or 96%
  • Proven track record with over learners across the UK
  • Experts and specialists in the field of educationStaff at VLUK  are experienced qualified teachers, head teachers, teachers with wide experience of PE, Early Years and English and Mathematics.

In 2016, VLUK joined forces with Active Education & Training, who have been successfully offering apprenticeship since 2009. 

The combined experience and expertise of VLUK and Active Education & Training, helps to ensure that the courses we offer and the service we provide is always of the highest standard.

Find out more about Active Education & Training

Interested in an Apprentice? What Next?

Stage 1
Contact us to discuss your requirements and discover what we can do for you.

Stage 2
Initial visit by VLUK representative and a GAP analysis of what is most appropriate for your school, in terms of qualifications, and identifying staff that would benefit most.

Stage 3
Complete due diligence, and sign Service Level Agreement.

Stage 4
Recruitment of the Apprentice; Either from staff already employed, or preferably through advertising for new roles.

Stage 5
VLUK follow an extensive process of supplying you, as the employer and the “apprentice” with IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance) on the appropriate qualification and training.

Stage 6
Before the Apprentices can start, VLUK carry out health and safety and safeguarding audits, as well as an analysis of contract of employments and learning agreements between the apprentice, the employer and VLUK.

Stage 7
Assessment of apprentice: It is a requirement that we assess the apprentice in terms of suitability and their level of English and Maths.  Where appropriate, we may enrol the apprentice on Functional Skills or GCSE English and Maths.

Stage 8
Training and Education: A tailored programme of ongoing assessment and training is given to the learner who, through the “apprenticeship journey”, will be able to acquire and develop new and existing skills required to pass the qualification. The learner will have regular reviews with their personal tutor and a nominated member of senior staff at the school, to review progress on the programme.

Stage 9

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