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Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Established in 2008, VLUK provides a range of services to the education sector, from CPD and teacher training, through to full time education programmes for young people.

We are an approved government provider, educating over 1500 young people aged 16-24 each academic year at Levels 2-5

As part of the Virtual Alliance Group, we have an impressive track record of creating, developing and delivering education projects to the sector. Our Senior team is made up of education professionals and consultants with vast experience of leadership in all aspects of delivering outstanding education programmes.



Selecting the next path in a learning journey can be confusing for any student. Our dedicated professional team at Virtual Learning UK will help students to make an informed decision that best supports their career aspirations giving the strongest start and the confidence to stand by that choice for the entirety of the course.

We are proud to educate more than 1500 students through further and higher education delivering innovative courses specialising in sport, performing arts, business and equine management. We work in partnership with reputable industry partners who share our passion to help students succeed. Our highly motivated team is committed to working closely with our partners to ensure each learner’s journey is informative, supportive and progressive. We want to ensure our students are exposed to knowledgeable, experienced and helpful staff, so that together we can set learning outcomes realistically aligned to each individual’s potential.

Our supportive team include:

Anthony Smith - Acting Head of Quality
Rachael Underwood - Head of English & Maths and SENDCO
Gemma Halsey - Operations Director
Andy Dalgleish - Head of Teaching and Learning
Neil Ouldridge - Head of Learner Experience and Designated Safeguarding Lead

We review our provision regularly with the aim of improving the experiences of our staff, partners and students. This supports our goal of developing unique learning environments at the heart of industry, with high aspirations and a drive to succeed.

We passionately believe in and expect a hard work ethic and unwavering commitment to continual development from everyone involved at Virtual Learning UK. Our aim is that on completion students are better prepared to work in industry and equipped with the foundation skills to become leaders of the future. We are also committed to ongoing professional development of our staff so they are able to take on new challenges and support our students to succeed in the evolving world of work.

On behalf of Virtual Learning UK, I encourage students to find out more about how we can support your career aspirations and look forward to welcoming those who are serious about their future.

Dominic Anderson
Chief Operating Officer, VLUK

Views and values

By analysing the views and behaviours of VLUK Directors and Senior Leadership Team, we attribute our success and continued development as education providers around these core themes:

  • Professionalism
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Motivation

All staff are monitored around these core themes, so that the student experience is continually enhanced. We aim to display these behaviours in a variety of ways so that our students can also learn from them.

Equality and diversity

At VLUK we wish to create and maintain a trusting, secure and happy environment where everyone can work as equals.

All members of the VLUK community have responsibilities to promote equality of opportunity, experience and treatment and, to challenge stereotypes.

Our community consists of a diverse range of people – employees, visitors, students and parents. We need to celebrate our differences, by understanding them and enjoying the diversity this brings.

VLUK Equality & Diversity Policy 2021-22


As we work with young adults, we all have a responsibility towards the safety and well being of each student who attends our programmes. We expect that our staff take responsibility to:

  • report ANY concerns of radicalisation, extremism and abuse;
  • DO NOT make decisions or assumptions themselves about whether a case is or is not radicalisation, extremism or abuse.

The designated safeguarding person for VLUK is Neil Ouldridge, Designated Safeguarding Lead, to whom suspicions are reported. All staff (teaching and support) are expected to be aware of the possibility of abuse and neglect and the need to maintain vigilance at all times.

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We have comprehensive policies on a range of matters, including current Covid-19 measures in place.

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