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Our second year Eastleigh campus learners were recently fortunate enough to take part in a workshop delivered by the Army football engagement team. The workshop lasted for 90 minutes and included a presentation about army careers and opportunities. The presentation was very engaging as it used sports as a hook and showed the learners sporting opportunities that come with a career in the army. For example, they divided up the different divisions within the army and arranged them into a formation of a football team. They then explained each one and the sporting opportunities available at each whilst including information and statistics such as salaries, core values and responsibilities associated with the role.

The presentation was followed by an interactive session where learners were put into groups and given tasks to complete and then fed back their ideas to the whole group. The final section was for the learners to work in small groups and then present their acronym to all in the class about characteristics and skills important for the role. 

The whole session was very well received by all learners and campus tutor, Marley Lodge, exclaimed "It was really informative and enjoyable for all involved, myself included and the learners got a lot out of it, especially those who are unsure of future pathways/career opportunities when they have completed their BTEC with us".

Thanks to Lee at the Army Football Engagement Team for inspiring our learners.

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