Guidance for Parents & Learners:
Making an informed choice

At any significant crossroads in our lives it can be difficult to guarantee you're making the right decision. It's impossible to know which path is for you until it's taken, but we can make informed choices.

Whether you’ve set career goals already or just want a little more guidance and direction to follow your passion there is a place for you at VLUK.

All of our programmes provide you with a number of opportunities and act as an excellent springboard for your future career.


We are dedicated to providing you with an excellent standard of learning. In return we want to know you are committed to achieving your best.

We expect all our learners to attend every session and engage with the programmes of study with a positive attitude.  You have to want to be here.

During your study you must be willing to participate as part of a team and each learner must work in line with the assessment guidelines set by the awarding body and your tutor.

You get out of our study programmes what you put in. We expect every learner to achieve the minimum target grades but if you have the right attitude we can help you exceed expectations.

Our most recent Ofsted inspection was in October 2021. We are very proud of our Ofsted achievements. Link to the report HERE.

The well-being of our learners is at the forefront of the education service we provide. We are committed to meeting the needs of all of our learners with the main aim of maintaining their well-being.

All sessions are delivered in a safe environment. Our aim is to invoke confidence that you can succeed and for learners who experience difficulties; physical or mental, sensitive support is available to you through a variety of sources.

We ensure you have a secure place to study and support your achievements during your study and upon completion of the programme. There is nothing more important to us than our learners health and well-being.

On hand during term time hours, our confidential counselling service could provide you with the mental health support you need to succeed in your studies. One to one sessions can be made through the self referral process, which is demonstrated to all learners at the start of their programme.

Each learner has access to regular personal and group tutorials, which provide a space for learners to voice their opinions.

Our online tools and excellent standard of mentoring provide you with the necessary support to accomplish your very best.

Individual learner plans will provide clear action templates to encourage and support progress.

We provide you with the tools to succeed both in your study and employment.

At VLUK we are aware that parents and carers may struggle to keep up with changes and influences in their child’s environment, particularly as they become more independent. We recommend these websites and resources for the most up to date information on how to support your child.

Parent Zone -
Provides in-person training, individual family support, physical and virtual resources, live events, podcasts and much more.

The NSPCC have got information and advice on different types of child abuse, how to spot the signs and what you can do to help keep children safe in relation to risks outside the home.

Family Lives -
Provides targeted early intervention and crisis support to families. If you need to talk, we’re here to listen.

Educate Against Hate -
With extremist views widely publicised on social media platforms, this website can provide useful
advice for parent’s and carers

Safety advice and support for staying safe online.

This May Help -
‘This May Help' supports parents and carers if they are concerned about their child’s mental health and wellbeing.

Online Sexual Abuse
The Internet Watch Foundation have put together a guide for parents and carers, with practical advice. Please click here for more information.

The Marie Collins Foundation is a charity working directly with children, young people and families to enable their recovery following sexual abuse involving technology. Working with the NWG Exploitation Network, they have created this resource to produce help guides, for parents and
professionals, aimed at reducing online sexual harm:

Stop Abuse Together
Child sexual abuse is a reality for thousands of children across our country, with at least one in ten estimated to experience sexual abuse before they turn 16.
But we can all play a part in protecting children and getting them the right help. That’s why it’s important to know how to spot the potential signs of child sexual abuse and where to go for support. The following government website brings together advice and resources to help you keep
the children in your life safe:

Advice for parents on how to use TikTok safely and correctly
Tik Tok What Parents Need to Know:

All learners are entitled to apply for a bursary to support their education. VLUK will support learners to apply.

Bursary funds are limited and learners should be aware they will not cover all of the costs associated with the programme.

Bursary payments are not guaranteed.

Download application forms here: Returning learners  New learners

All applications and queries should be sent to

Bursary Fund Policy

VLUK can provide you with the platform to give yourself the very best chance of finding meaningful employment.

All our courses offer an abundance of opportunities and experiences within your chosen industry.

With hard work, focus and good networking skills our programmes have proven to lead to many successful careers within the sport and leisure industry. Learners have transitioned into the following career pathways:

  • Teaching sport in Primary, Secondary and Further Education
  • Sports coaching
  • Sports leisure centre assistant/management
  • Fitness gym instructor/management
  • Professional sports player
  • Sports journalism
  • Sports therapy/physiotherapy
  • Sports marketing and business
  • Health & Social care professional
  • Business

Our Performing Arts learners have also moved on to be successful in these roles:

  • Drama / Performing Arts schools and Conservatoire training
  • Professional actor/dancer of Musical Theatre performer
  • Theatre director
  • Teacher of Performing Arts
  • Theatre producer
  • Artistic director
  • Choreographer
  • Theatre administrator
  • Playwright
  • Set and stage designer

At VLUK, we pride ourselves on supporting you throughout your development and this includes your next steps after graduation.

Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) is provided by VLUK tutors and other staff members through the Careers Development Programme.

Overall Aim
Our aim is to simply provide all our learners with the impartial information, advice and guidance needed to help you succeed in your chosen field.

Here at VLUK your best interest is at the forefront of every decision we make.


  • To ensure learners make informed decisions about their chosen programme of study.
  • To provide clear and concise information regarding the learning aims/objectives of the vocational/academic education programme being studied.
  • To support learner’s progress and completion of qualifications relevant to their intended career path.
  • To provide impartial information, advice and guidance through the Careers Development Programme, which supports decision making around career development and higher education.
  • To ensure a timely and robust review process across information, advice and guidance provision, leading to the development and implementation of clear, focused and timely improvement plans.

Click HERE to download full details regarding VLUK's Careers Development Programme.

Click HERE to download information on how VLUK supports students with their next steps.

Here is a link to a parent's magazine with information on how to help guide your young learner:

Induction Week Wednesday 30th - Friday 1st September 2023
Term 1 start Monday 4th September 2023
Term 1 end Friday 20th October 2023
Term 2 start Monday 30th October 2023
Term 2 end Friday 15th December 2023
Term 3 start Monday 8th January 2024
Term 3 end Friday 9th February 2024
Term 4 start Monday 19th February 2024
Term 4 end Thursday 28th March 2024
Term 5 Start Monday 15th April 2024
Term 5 end Friday 24th May 2024
Term 6 start Monday 3rd June 2024
Term 6 end Friday 5th July 2024

Induction Week TBC - during w/c 2nd September 2024
Term 1 start Monday 9th September 2024
Term 1 end Friday 25th October 2024
Term 2 start Monday 4th November 2024
Term 2 end Friday 20th December 2024
Term 3 start Monday 6th January 2025
Term 3 end Friday 14th February 2025
Term 4 start Monday 24th February 2025
Term 4 end Friday 4th April 2025
Term 5 start Tuesday 22nd April 2025
Term 5 end Friday 23rd May 2025
Term 6 start Monday 2nd June 2025
Term 6 end Friday 4th July 2025

Dates of half terms/Easter breaks may vary between campuses, current learners please speak to your tutor to confirm exact dates if needed.

We expect all learners to have a minimum of 97% attendance. 

Attendance of learners is monitored and tracked every day. We strongly believe high attendance is key to success in all aspects of our education programmes.

It is an expectation that in the event of absence that you inform your tutor at the earliest possible opportunity.

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Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions please email

Click here to apply to the site of your choice.

  • You will be required to provide evidence of your predicted GCSE grades.
  • You may be required to attend a trial/open event at the site you are interested in.
  • References may be requested.
  • Before you are offered a place you will be invited for an interview. This is to check that the programme is suitable for you and that you are suitable for the programme.
  • This could lead to a conditional offer, where you will be able to start the programme if you have met the entry criteria.

Prior to actually starting the programme, you will need to show evidence of the GCSE grades you achieved. This will be towards the end of August.

Once you have been accepted you will need to confirm your attendance for induction days, which are usually in the first week of September.

Your induction days, will provide you with detailed information about your programme including:

  • Learning agreement and enrolment
  • Timetable and location of venues
  • The Sport Brain online learning platform
  • The BTEC qualification and units of study
  • Scheme of work and assessment plan
  • Key members of staff
  • Introduction to classmates

There are various ways by which VLUK learners make their way to their education site. Individual sites will provide you with detailed guidance on transport links and options that best meet your needs.

The actual education part of the programme is completely free of charge. We are an Education Funding Agency and Skills Funding Agency funded by the government.

You will have access to:

  • The bespoke online learning platform- The Sport Brain - which is exclusively used by VLUK learners.
  • Experienced and qualified teachers
  • Industry based facilities.

Your chosen programme, however, may charge additional costs for specialist kit/training gear and coaching/training. Details of this will be provided by the individual programme you are interested in.

In the first instance you should speak to your named tutor or site leader/coach. If you are unable to contact them please email and we will be able to help direct your query.

You will require standard items such as:

  • suitable sports kit/training gear - a kit pack is usually part of the sign-up process
  • pen and a notepad
  • you may need a laptop - some of our partner sites are fortunate enough to provide them. This is important to understand - as all work required to complete your qualification is submitted and assessed through our bespoke online platform.
  • You will be expected to wear kit/training gear appropriate to the education programme. You will be provided with details of the kit pack on offer.
  • The highest standards of behaviour and respect for staff and classmates. This is judged and graded every half term of the programme - six times in total.

Please refer to the pathways section of each individual course, for further information about the options available to you on completion.

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