Coaching Opportunities

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Year 12 learners, Thomas and Tyler, from our Dean Walling football campus, have made a strong start to the academic year and have continued to show a huge passion for pursuing a career in coaching. Alongside the great start that they have both made to their studies, both learners have thrived in the coaching experience opportunities that they have been undertaking. Although both learners have been doing this since the age of 15, both Thomas and Tyler are now confidently delivering sessions on their own and are displaying a great maturity in their coaching approach and demeanour. They are both now actively involved in the evening coaching sessions that are delivered on a weekly basis to a range of age groups.

Dean Walling (Enrichment officer / Campus PPM) said “Tom and Tyler have been around our academy since they were young and at the age of 15 asked us if they could volunteer to coach for us at the academy. Two years down the line, they now have 2 years ‘on the job coaching experience’ under their belts and have become fantastic coaches capable of taking high quality sessions on their own. We could not be any more impressed with their progress and we look forward to seeing their coaching development continue over the coming months and years”.

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