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Learners from our Joe Gallagher Academy campus have recently had the fabulous opportunity to travel to Tenerife as part of their course. Although it was fantastic for them to be in Tenerife it wasn't simply a holiday for them as the trip consisted of the learners training several times a day. The first session being a 6am run, this was filled by a strength and conditioning or flexibility session in the afternoon and then in the evening a boxing based session of either partner work, coaching pads or sparring. Along with the training mentioned here the learners also got the opportunity to run Mt Teide either completing the 10k or 15k track, a brilliant experience of training at altitude in an environment that looks like Mars. 


From an educational and work experience perspective the learners were required to attend Spanish lessons throughout the first week helping to develop their understanding of the language and gaining valuable phrases to use when coaching. Within the second week the learners were required to attend schools and provide coaching sessions to the pupils at primary, secondary and college level, this really challenged the Joe Gallagher learners as they were required to develop a number of interpersonal skills. 


To reward their hard work the learners were also provided with three excursion trips. Week 1 they were able to attend Loro park and have a tour learning about the wildlife and animals that are bred and kept in captivity and the programmes these places have to help manage the extinction of certain animals. The second trip was to Sian Water Park, which was provided to help them blow off steam, rest and enjoy a day away from training and coaching, finally the learners were able to go on a boat trip whale watching, another educational trip to watch wildlife in their natural environment but also provided them with a day to rest and recover. 


The feedback from the learners has been exceptionally positive with all of them making lifelong memories and friends. Testimonials from the parents included:

"My daughter enjoyed the trip so much I don't think she wanted to come home! The experience the academy has provided, not just on the trip but for the whole academic year has exceeded our expectations. She has increased confidence, motivation and discipline which is attributed to the mentoring she has received from all of you."

"My son has returned as an extremely mature and much more confident young man and I cannot thank you all enough for giving him this amazing opportunity."


"My daughter has had a tremendous life experience in Tenerife. In fact we have been very impressed with the course so far and she has said on many occasions how much she is enjoying and getting from all aspects of the course. To see a quiet girl develop in the last twelve months has been special and again I would like to thank you for your massive contribution to this."

What a fabulous opportunity for our Joe Gallagher campus learners! 

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