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Our campuses not only provide fabulous education for our learners but they also ensure the learner gets exposed to fantastic opportunities. Zedan Denton, a learner from our Tooting & Mitcham campus had the opportunity to attend a conference in Liverpool recently. Here is his summary:

“At the end of 2022, I was invited to Liverpool with my charity organisation, Lambeth Peer Action Collective (LPAC) to the Peer Action Collective conference which was to celebrate young people for their inspiring work to make their communities safer, fairer places.

For the past year we have been investigating crime within the youth group and the main reason why youth get into crime. Some of the main reasons we found out were housing, opportunities and education. Having a lack of these things made youth more likely to commit crime. 

Liverpool was an event for the PAC organisations around England to come and discuss their different findings and different events, where they raised awareness for the crimes and the reasons why youth get into crime. At this event we also won the award for the best research done by an organisation as ours was very in-depth asking more than 400 youths about their situations at how they feel about crime, their involvement, lack of enrolments and how crime in their area has affected them”.

VLUK are so proud of Zedan’s involvement in LPAC and encourages many more learners in this way.

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