Moldova Calling

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Our Ebbsfleet learner Razvan Turcan's remarkable talent and dedication to the sport have earned him a well deserved international call-up for Moldova U18s. His commitment to excellence on the pitch has not gone unnoticed, and this achievement stands as a testament to his hard work and skill. Representing his country at the international level is a significant milestone, and Razvan's selection for the Moldova U18s is a proud moment for him, his team, and the entire programme and staff involved. It reflects not only his individual prowess but also the collective support and nurturing environment that have allowed his talents to flourish. This call-up marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in Razvan's football journey, and everyone looks forward to witnessing the impact he will undoubtedly make on the international stage.

Ebbsfleet tutor, Ben, said "We are all thrilled to acknowledge and congratulate Razvan on his exceptional achievement of being selected for the Moldova U18s international squad. His dedication, hard work, and remarkable talent have not only elevated his own footballing journey but have also brought immense pride to our campus. Representing your country at the international level is a testament to your commitment to excellence on the pitch, and it reflects the culmination of your consistent efforts but also serves as an inspiration to his peers. I am confident that you will approach this opportunity with the same determination and passion that have brought you to this moment. Congratulations, Razvan, and may this international call-up mark the beginning of many more remarkable achievements in your footballing career. We are incredibly proud of your accomplishments."


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