Special Alumni Visitor

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Learners at our Joe Gallagher Boxing Academy were recently visited by current professional boxer and previous England Boxing DISE student Marcel Braithwaite.

Marcel attended the academy to discuss his progressions from amateur boxer to professional boxer and what it was like being on the England Boxing DISE course before it was run at the JGBA and how this informed his progression.

He also discussed with the learners what it is like to be a professional boxer, how he won the English, British, Commonwealth and WBC interim championship belts and what the highs and lows of the sport can do to you both physically and mentally.

This gave the learners a real insight into high level professional boxing and what they can expect from the sport if they were to enter the professional ranks themselves.

Marcel also divulged some of the more holistic approaches he takes towards his training such as breath work, mental imagery and self talk which the learners found fascinating.

Huge thanks to Marcel for taking the time to speak to our learners.

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