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Lewis George, VLUK Joe Gallagher Academy learner, has been selected to represent Team GB at the European Muay Thai Championships from 13-20 February.

International Muay Thai Federation has recently been officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee, Lewis could stand a chance at making his debut at the 2024 games.

Lewis said “The call came from nowhere when they told me I would be on the team, and caught me totally by surprise as I was relaxing over the Christmas break. Getting called by such a big name association and the owner of Team GB, Tommy Collins, opens so many doors and opportunities and I’m beyond grateful for that. And if I’m lucky enough to go the Olympics, whatever happens I’ll be making history as one of the first people to compete in Muay Thai at the Olympics, so it’s almost like I can’t lose.

Lewis was only five years old when his Dad introduced the sport to him. At the time every other child in his school wanted to be a footballer but Lewis dreamed of being a fighter. He said "To be successful at it, you’ve got to be obsessed, there is no middle ground in this sport, you have to be all in otherwise you’ll lose. You have to go into every fight confident and with a positive attitude and that’s what I’m going to bring with me to Istanbul, and hopefully, Paris in 2024.”

Lewis's proudest moment was when he competed at the World Championships in Italy where he won two world champion titles.  Lewis’s Dad, Mark said: “Going to the Olympics would be like winning the lottery but I’m already so proud that he has made it this far.”

Elliot Dillon, tutor at VLUK Joe Gallagher Academy said: "Lewis is a brilliant student athlete and someone that fully applies himself to his training and the course".

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