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One of our Long Eaton campus learners, Jacob, has been extremely proactive in his approach towards securing ‘real client’ participants for his research project, on the under-representation of BAME coaches in elite football. Using a variety of methods, Jacob managed to recruit professional footballer, Britt Assombalonga, as one of his participants for his project. The Middlesbrough striker was approached by Jacob, through Tik-tok, where he obliged to take part in the project and provide valuable data that Jacob will use to formulate conclusions around the topic area.

Liam McCarthy, Jacob's Head of Campus said, "Jacob has been extremely proactive in his approach to recruiting participants for his research project on the under-representation of ethnic minority coaches. One of the participants Jacob has managed to recruit is professional footballer, Britt Assombalonga, which will provide important and valid information for his project to allow him to form relevant conclusions that relate to his hypothesis. Jacob has demonstrated excellent organisation and time-management skills throughout his data collection, which will serve him well as he is looking to pursue a career in PE Teaching after completing our programme".

Well done on your initiative Jacob and thanks to Britt for his support.

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