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It’s been 15 weeks since the UK was plunged into lockdown and everyone’s world was changed in an instant. At VLUK, we had already put plans in place as to how we would work with our education sites and partners to continue to provide the best education to all our 1,500 students. Now over 3 months later our Chief Operating Officer, Dominic Anderson, reflects on the systems put in place and the outcomes:

“We’re now at the end of another academic year at VLUK and it couldn’t have been more different from previous years! When we were initially advised about the likelihood that the UK would be put into lockdown we immediately reacted and worked together as a team to quickly get systems put in place to ensure we could continue educating all our students and to support our teaching staff. We communicated effectively with our education staff, sites and students to ensure everyone knew what to expect and, although there were obviously initial questions, I am proud that everyone got on board and managed to carry on productively.

Most staff were aware of Zoom as an effective platform to teach students and it soon became normal for both tutors and students to wake up and join their Zoom sessions. Of course there were some technical issues and questions but through teamwork and communication these were quickly overcome. The whole team could effectively use Zoom for the education part of the courses along with the practical coaching and fitness sessions. Zoom hosted all types of teaching sessions from racial equality to singing lessons!

All our staff have continued to work during this time, not one member of staff had to be furloughed, to ensure all our learners are prepared for the next stage of their education or future employment. I’m exceptionally proud of all our staff for making sure our students made good progress, developed new skills and continued teaching outstanding quality education”.

The feedback from tutors and students have proved that the way that the VLUK team has dealt with this unprecedented situation was the best it could be. One student commented:

“Online learning was much better than originally anticipated and actually worked better on occasions when working from home. Felt more supported working from home and was able to have much more 1-to-1 tutor engagement when struggling with work”.

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